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Using PureSport Workout before and during training will help minimize muscle breakdown and allow you to perform with speed and agility for the entire session, and recover faster. Unlike other sports drinks, which rely on carbohydrates alone, you will not suffer the sugar “rush and crash”.

  • 80 Servings Per Pack
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Maximum performance in the field requires agility, speed, focus and fitness. If your muscles are low on glycogen, you will not be able to perform at your peak. You need maximum glycogen stores in your muscles and liver at the start of the day to provide the reserves that you will be calling on for hours on end.


The protein in PureSport Workout is absorbed quickly by your body but released slowly. In the meantime, the three carbohydrates provide instant energy and the electrolytes ensure your nervous system continues to work at maximum efficiency. These electrolytes, including magnesium, will also help to reduce muscle cramping.

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