Post-Workout / Recovery


Using PureSport Workout after training will help minimize muscle breakdown and allow you to perform with speed and agility and recover faster. Unlike other sports drinks, which rely on carbohydrates alone, you will not suffer the sugar “rush and crash”.

Most importantly, PureSport Recovery is designed to enhance training adaptation. In other words, increase the training response that the athlete is trying to obtain. PureSport Recovery has similar ingredients as PureSport Workout, but in different concentrations and ratios. Like PureSport Workout, PreSport Recovery is made from all natural ingredients and approved by the NCAA.


PureSport Recovery has sufficient carbohydrate to rapidly restore muscle glycogen stores. Muscle glycogen is required for perform high intensity exercise.


  • 25 Servings Per Pack
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The protein in PureSport Recovery is of the highest quality and when combined with carbohydrate increases the efficiency of carbohydrate being converted into muscle glycogen. It works additively to increase protein synthesis and training adaptation and reduces muscle breakdown and soreness.


The magnesium in PuresSport Recovery is essential for many metabolic reactions. It reduces muscle cramping and activates Vitamin D for bone calcium absorption.


Vitamin C is used as an antioxidant and also works in cooperation with Vitamin E to prevent tissue damage.

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